Huawei Turkey Research and Development Centre (HTRDC) Wireless Department (Wireless DC) is joining to Single RAN (SRAN), Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and 5th Generation Wireless Systems (5G) related software product development for world-wide telecom operators. This business includes maintaining existing product’s software and developing customer or marketing demands depending on new requests for extending technology background and framework.

Telecom operators can use WebLMT to maintain Network Equipment under limited access conditions. WebLMT does not need any installation or special hardware equipment to operate. WebLMT increases efficiency and accessibility of system maintainance and reporting functionality.

  • Alarms, Monitors and 2G/3G/4G/LTE Trace Flow
  • Device Maintenance
  • Self Test
  • Base Station Control and Report Commands

Solution is for a web-based local maintenance terminal (LMT), and is used to perform routine maintenance for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G Network Equipment (NE) based on the browser/server (B/S) architecture.

Wireless, Cloud, 5G

Product is for telecom operators and has the main beneficial to maintain any network equipment on SRAN, LTE or 5G products without excessive installation.