Huawei eLTE Software team jointly develop maintanance and control software for eLTE-U, LTE, Narrow band IoT, Broadband IoT and the other enterprise pico based hardware. This business includes maintaining existing product’s software and developing new features depending on new requirements of customer such as extending technology background to latest standards and frameworks. eLTE which is based on LTE tecnologies specializes on TDD LTE access based on various spectrums on forementioned scnarios. The software aims for easy deployment of the technology enabling the eLTE based solution to have a easiy to use maintainable and serviceable control software.

Enterprise bussinesses and telecom operators can use WebLMT to maintain Network Equipment under limited access conditions. WebLMT is directly available to end user as an embedded software where the log and parameter analyse experience is supported by various other offline tools such as BS-Star.

  • Alarms, Monitors and LTE/eLTE Trace Flow
  • Device Maintenance
  • Self Test
  • Base Station Control and Report Commands

The software has an embedded development architecture for a web-based local maintenance terminal (LMT). Is used to perform routine maintenance via trace, monitor and logging functionons as well as full hardware control for better coveradge and other configurations.The Network Equipment (NE) based on the browser/server (B/S) architecture and usualy comes in pico size.


Product is for all enterprises which requires a private wireless network. Most common use case are ports, certain municipalities and other large scale enterprise bussines.


As a build in software eLTE Weblmt is vital for fisrt setup and configuration of any network and site topology.