IOC – Intelligent Operation Center

Monitoring city operations in real time - with lower costs and an open, agile platform.

An intelligent operations center acts as a brain and central nervous system for Smart Cities, unites and connects information and processes. The intelligent operations center also provides a platform for technology, operation and management. It monitors the operations of all parts of the campus from city to city and enables them to be managed from a single center.


• It integrates vertically with Internet of Things products such as sensors, cameras, automatic doors and allows complex data management.
• When used together with face and object recognition algorithms, it can be easily used as event access control, school attendance tracking, lost alarm, suspicious packet notification or museum security system.
• User-defined automatic actions reduce the extra operational burden for possible scenarios.


One of the examples to use cases is access to the last-seen and location data and automatic notification to security guards, along with the lost alarm, using the face recognition algorithm and cameras.

• Provides data integration that can be installed with all systems.
• Reduces operational load and error risks.
• It offers a decision support mechanism.
• Provides real-time data processing and viewing.

• Smart Campus Solutions
• Smart Parking Applications
• Smart City Projects
• Smart Port Projects
• Smart Airport Projects