ROMA – Resource Orientation Monitoring Application

Hybrid Integration Platform ROMA Real-time | Open | Multi-cloud | Any-connect

For applications of different sizes working with cloud architecture, ROMA creates an API tunnel and creates an integration layer for different types of applications with increased security.


Today, standardization, security, performance and privatization difficulties experienced by such applications are eliminated and provides seamless integration.


ROMA is located at an important point providing API gateway to smart city, campus, airport and control center projects.


The platform, which provides direct communication with different data sources and relational databases, is scalable and provides the opportunity to balance distributed load.


Used Technologies:
NodeJs, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Hive etc.

• Provides unmatched security and simultaneous communication.
• It fully contributes to the creation and management of graphics and visuals.
• It supports high efficiency and natural buffering.
• Eliminates typical complexities and creates simultaneous model management.
• Facilitates error handling and debugging.
• It creates an uninterrupted data flow by providing an API gateway for operating and managing city, community and sensor data produced by different sources.

• Smart Campus
• Smart Parking
• Smart City
• Smart Port
• Smart Airport