ABC – Application Building Center

Providing an online development interface for web-based application development, ABC platform provides skeleton, ready-made functions and standardization for users. It saves time and increases security with the interfaces it provides to development teams in development and prototype processes. Along with its ready-made functions, many mathematical operations and developments can be completed and ready in a short time. It allows creating large scale applications in a very short time without having to deal with configuration and configuration steps. It saves time and security problems.

• Provides an online interface for developing applications and prototypes.
• Reduces development and test times.
• Provides standardization and increases security.
• It maximizes efficiency and user experience.

• Akıllı fiyatlandırma sistemleri
• Alışveriş sistemleri
• Ödeme sistemleri
• Faturalandırma sistemleri
• IOT sistemleri