Knowledge Graph Pipeline

The Enterprise Knowledge Engine (EKE) is a platform for enterprise knowledge graph construction and operationalization. It combines emerging Big Data, Information Retrieval and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside enterprises. This platform aims to organize and distribute the organization’s knowledge and making it universally accessible to every employee. The Enterprise Knowledge Engine is a central place to structure, simplify and connect the knowledge of an organization. The knowledge graph brings more transparency, openness, and simplicity into organizations while decreasing the complexity. This platform empowers individuals to share knowledge and to make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge.


Used Technologies:
Semantic Web, Knowledge Graph, NLP, Infomation Retrieval, Machine Learning

• The Enterprise Knowledge Engine offers an entire infrastructure to aggregate, store, organize, interconnect, understand and explore the increasing amount of enterprise data.
• It introduces knowledge man-agreement capabilities to enterprises and provides value through knowledge-based applications. In this fashion, enterprises can tap into the abilities of cognitive computing to mind the vast amount of discrete data and derive patterns, identify trends and unlock deep business insights.

• TUBITAK 1501
• SoftcomAI
• 3Cloud