Why Integrated Solutions?


With customers’ needs in mind, the integrated solutions provide innovative solutions for a variety of industries, such as smart campus, smart city, smart transportation and more.


To improve the quality and efficiency of your business, we provide comprehensive solutions that by integrating new technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data.


As Huawei, we can help businesses and governments all over the world with everything from strategic development and implementation to operational support to help customers achieve digital transformation.

Hybrid Integration Platform ROMA


Standing for Relationship, Open, Multi-Ecosystem, and Any-Connect, ROMA is a full-stack enterprise integration platform that is derived from Huawei’s digital transformation integration practices.


The scalable ROMA platform with cloud architecture provides a seamless integration layer by creating an increased security API tunnel for applications. ROMA is located at an important point that provides API gateway especially for smart city, campus, airport and control center projects.

Providing an online development interface for web-based application development, ABC platform provides skeleton, ready-made functions and standardization for users. It saves time and increases security with the interfaces it provides to development teams in development and prototype processes. Along with its ready-made functions, many mathematical operations and developments can be completed and ready in a short time.

Based on the new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, through the Smart campus, the people, things, and events in the campus are fully connectedby using data aggregation, status visualization. Manageable and controllable events make the campus safeier, smarter and more efficient.

An intelligent operation center acts as the brain and central nervous system of a Smart City, integrating and interconnecting information and processes.

ISDP is a platform developed by Huawei engineers to change traditional project management and process management. The platform, which is integrated with the 50+ Delivery application, provides users with planning, tracking, management, reporting and control features. Working on its unique cloud solution, the platform contains many technologies such as AI, Big Data, VR, Drone.

Developed by engineers of Huawei Turkey, TAT provides end-to-end automation and management of functional and batch testing scenarios. Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide an online interface for testing and automation of protocols such as databases or operating systems.