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Videolization offers video generation services to users who want to generate videos using text, image, and video data automatically collected from several web sources. It provides interfaces and services for composing wiki pages that can be set private or publicly shared between the registered users and an interface for viewing previously created wiki items either by the user or other registered users. Videolization provides the users with a video editor where users can compose their own video shooting scripts by selecting video scene templates and entering template specific data manually. Videolization provides a video generation service that can be used for generating a single video or all the videos in a portfolio. The user can create portfolios and add shooting scripts into them. This provides the capability of organizing shooting scripts and starting the video generation process of a list of shooting scripts at once.

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• Create easily your own video selecting and combining appropriate After Effect Templates for your video.
• Redefines presentation by providing an innovative presentation experience.
• Flexible data injection to the scene by manually with GUI or web services.
• Supports multi-scene Adobe After Effect templates. Scenes can be re-ordered and deleted from video metadata(shooting script)by simply dragging back into the scene templates list.
• The drag & drop feature provides the users with an intuitive and quick interface to edit the video timeline.
• It provides convenience for end-users with pre-made templates.
• Saves time by creating tasks with using templates before generation.
• Save and reuse created videos more than once.
• Enriches content using especially background music, and narrative text for each scene.
• Mass production capabilities by easy integration with 3rd party platforms & data sources via RESTful services and mass production
• Provides High Quality (HQ) videos by utilizing state-of-the-art templates via After Effects extension.

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