AI Enablement

Why Technology Introduction?

Knowledge Extraction

Provides knowledge extraction from unstructured documents with distant supervision such as machine learning and deep learning.

Machine Translation

Provides development of parallel corpus generation and filtering algorithms to improve the performance of existing neural machine translation systems.

The Enterprise Knowledge Engine (EKE)

The Enterprise Knowledge Engine (EKE) is a platform for enterprise knowledge graph construction and operationalization. It combines emerging Big Data, Information Retrieval and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside enterprises.

Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations project aims to development of machine learning algorthims for digital asset knowledge harvesting and organization.

Table Similarity

Table Similarity provides analysis, categorization, and clustering of similarities of digital assets.

Graph Analytics

Development of machine learning algorithms on top of the graph-structured data. Aims to develop graph embedding, clustering, meta-learning, and graph-based NLP functions.

Cloud Search

Cloud-based enterprise search system. This Teydeb project that aims to develop learning to rank algorithms for improving the result ranking capability of search systems.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search (ES) project is a domain-independent scalable semantic search platform. The platform makes use of cutting edge technologies such as deep learning and semantic web to make document retrieval more efficient when compared with traditional search systems.

Huawei SOS Alarm Watch

Huawei SOS Alarm Watch proof-of-concept is built as an early warning tool for the Huawei HSOS platform and is an anomaly detection tool for Twitter streams at its core. Users can create “alarm watches”.


TAICHI is a light-weight, easy to use, Service Integration Orchestration Development and Deployment Platform and an API Gateway.


P-Link is a new generation project management platform that has valuable features to establish, track, monitor, and end a project. P-Link can be used by all project members. It has all the mandatory items to manage a project and more.

Ad Insertion

Video Advertisement Placement system enables advertisement insertion into videos by analysing the contents of the video, determining the best locations and time frames to insert the advertisements, selecting advertisements related to the contents of the video, and placing them in the video by applying necessary transformations in 3D.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The goal of this project is to provide a way of detection and recognition of texts within images following two main approaches; detection of texts, recognition of contents and simultaneous end-to-end text spotting.

Face Recognition

Aim of this project is to provide an end-to-end face detection and recognition solution which utilizes network compressions and various data augmentation techniques to shrink models sizes to make overall solution capable to work on-the-edge devices as an online solution.

Face Animation

The aim of this project is to synthesize speech-driven emotion expressive avatar facial animation in real-time. The input of this system will be speech in textual format and the output will be the facial animation including lip-syncing, head motion and facial expressions like happiness, anger, sadness, etc.

Prompt Internet Information Integration

Huawei PI3 is an information retrieval platform that API access to a wide range of web resources such as web pages and web services. PI3 is a great asset for developers and end-users who need to connect information sources and unify structured and/or unstructured data to structured data for their environments.

Text Extractor and Intelligent Machine Data Analysis (TIE)

Text Extractor and Intelligent Machine Data Analysis (TIE) is a self-service standalone data preparation tool that can extract and convert unstructured, semi-structured and multi-structured data into rows, columns, and text.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice offers accurately data collection and discovery by using GENIE and PI3 with providing services to users who want to get data using predefined search engines.

Document Search

Document Search is a domain-independent platform that enables end-users to upload, archive and locate their unstructured documents on demand by the help of state of the art indexing and search technologies.


Videolization offers video generation services to users who want to generate videos using text, image, and video data automatically collected from several web sources. Videolization provides a video generation service that can be used for generating a single video or all the videos in a portfolio.

YouTube Metadata Aggregator

YouTube Metadata Aggregator is a middleware application between YouTube and CMS of Huawei IPTV platform. The main target of YMA is to collect data from YouTube and push them to CMS.

Batch Operations Tool

Batch Operations Tool aims to help administrator users of the IPTV platforms to do batch operations more easily from a Web UI and also track the status of the batch operation tasks.