What is WeFocus?

WeFocus is an employee experience platform for HR professionals. WeFocus was developed by Huawei Turkey R&D Center in 2020 to respond to the needs of companies in order to analyze and improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.

 With its academically proven surveys, WeFocus enables companies to easily conduct their own surveys from this question pool. The platform provides machine learning-based feedback analysis with real-time scoring. Thus, it enables Human Resources employees to both save time and create an action plan with a survey analysis report.

 WeFocus allows surveys to be sent periodically within the specified time. Because one of the important aim is to establish continuous communication between the company and the employee and to take proactive action for increasing employee engagement. By separating the data into departments, segments, regions, and individuals, it ensures that the analysis and action plan is made not general but specific to each department/region or individual. WeFocus provides valuable insights for staying connected, increasing employee engagement and understanding employee's needs.

WeFocus Automatic Survey Application that Increases Employee Engagement

Survey is a systematic data collection method. Data is obtained by asking prepared questions to users. The purposes of creating a survey are listed as follows:

  • Identifying needs/measuring satisfaction,
  • Determining problems, requests, or demands,
  • Identifying situations that need improvement,
  • Situation analysis and action plan preparation,
  • Measuring the effectiveness of new or existing programs/jobs.

Since there is no single and clear purpose for the survey, it becomes difficult to prepare a survey. For this reason, survey programs are preferred for the use of ready-made surveys. After the survey preparation programs determine the needs and purposes, necessary questions will be prepared with the experts. It is possible to collect different types of data with the survey method. It includes surveys such as Company Employee Satisfaction Survey and Company Employee Engagement Survey applied by employers or Human Resources employees. In order to meet these requirements, WeFocus provides employee engagement measurement by using academically proven questions in cooperation with ITU professors.

WeFocus is an online survey software that was developed by Huawei Turkey R&D and it is aimed at measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. With WeFocus, you can prepare Company Employee Engagement Surveys for your employees. You can get machine learning-based feedback analysis with real-time scoring. Thus, WeFocus enables HR employees to save time and create an action plan with a survey analysis report.

WeFocus is an employee engagement management platform for Human Resources Managers. Created with the aim of "Our focus is your happy employees", WeFocus provides the following:


  • It has a pool of questions prepared academically with ITU professors.
  • It provides the opportunity to interpret the results of artificial intelligence-based surveys.
  • WeFocus helps Human Resources Managers with machine learning-based feedback analysis.

Organizations need to act locally to measure employee engagement and develop an action plan, since there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason, WeFocus has worked with Istanbul Technical University professors for the question pool and established a structure that can segment the results into groups such as city, region, department, and person. WeFocus has developed a program based on the following features to increase employee engagement.

  • WeFocus is a real-time score calculation platform for companies with its academically proven surveys.
  • You can easily create your own engagement survey using the platform's question pool.
  • You can schedule surveys to be sent biweekly, monthly, or annually according to your needs.
  • You can easily customize and save your questions.
  • You can support your leaders with real-time data.
  • It provides visualized data showing the current state of your company culture.
  • It allows the data to be divided into departments, segments, regions and individuals.
  • It allows you to receive your recommended action plans based on segmented score data.
  • It relieves you of the reading process and allows you to collect all the feedback analyzed.
  • It allows you to filter the analyzed feedback according to positive/negative mood, department, and engagement factors.

Employee questions can be created anonymously on WeFocus depending on the type of the survey. Employee IDs are stored by the WeFocus survey platform and their full anonymity is ensured.

The most important goals of WeFocus include correct data analysis and a useful action plan for measuring employee engagement. For this reason, it aims to use a system that offers both useful analysis and more effective results by using artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence usage areas are listed as follows;

  • To prevent harmful words,
  • To perform a more effective interpretation of survey results,
  • While doing Sentiment Analysis, WeFocus uses Artificial Intelligence.

Employee engagement survey outline is predefined in WeFocus. Apart from that, users are free to create surveys by including any questions they wish to ask.

WeFocus offers its users academic recommendations based on the results of the survey. It ensures that the data is divided into departments, segments, regions, and people, allowing analysis and the analysis and action plans are made specially for each department/region or person. It saves Human Resources managers from the process of reading data and ensures that all feedback is filtered according to positive/negative mood, department, and engagement factors. Thus, the survey results becomes available for the company employees with detailed analysis and advice.

WeFocus provides sentiment analysis to allow for effective survey interpretation through the machine learning skills. With the insights section in the WeFocus program, comparison of previous survey results is available with artificial intelligence support through department/segment printouts.

Employee engagement surveys measure employees’ engagement, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their jobs and organizations. Meanwhile, it prefers that the employee feels comfortable and safe. For this reason, human resources experts may prefer to apply for online surveys because they want to eliminate situations such as hesitation, being uncomfortable, and anxiety in face-to-face meetings. The benefits of conducting employee engagement and satisfaction surveys online rather than face to face are listed below;

  • They provide a space for open feedback to employees, which is a very important reason for such preference.
  • It is an opportunity to establish two-way communication and to involve employees in the development process by speaking directly to the management team.
  • Since actions such as feedback, comments, and criticism can be made anonymously, it also stands out with confidentiality.
  • It saves a lot of time for HR employees, as it sends the surveys to all company employees at the same time.
  • Since the analysis of the responses from all survey participants is submitted with a report by the system itself, it helps HR employees to achieve more effective results and take action plans.

Considering the workload of company employees, it is important to avoid long questions. The most important feature when preparing a survey is determining the purpose of the survey and what information is needed for this. Scope and quality are more important than the length of the questions in the questions to be prepared for the information needed. Even though it is very important to ask the right question, it is also quite important to explain the question clearly and concisely. With its academically proven question pool and optional feedback collection for each question, WeFocus offers companies a fast and alternative method to the traditional employee engagement surveys with lengthy questions.

WeFocus measures the effectiveness of company departments with employee engagement surveys. Separating the data into departments, segments, regions, and individuals allows for the surveys to be dedicated to a department. Thus, department activity can be analyzed with real-time data. WeFocus also uses a social portal to measure the effectiveness of company departments, as well as the survey. The feedbacks of the employees are measured through the portal. Feedbacks such as comments/criticisms on the social portal can also be made anonymously. Thus privacy is also ensured for the participants. Verilerin departmanlara, segmentlere, bölgelere, kişilere ayrılması departman özelinde anket yapılmasını sağlamaktadır. Böylece departman etkinliği gerçek zamanlı data ile analiz edilebilmektedir. Ayrıca WeFocus anketin yanısıra şirket departmanlarının etkinlik ölçümü için sosyal portal da kullamaktadır. Portal üzerinden çalışanların geri bildirimleri ölçümlemektedir. Sosyal portal üzerinden yapılan yorum/eleştiri gibi geri bildirimler anonim olarakta yapılabilmekte ve böylece kişinin gizlilik talebi de karşılanmaktadır.

WeFocus visualizes the survey results applied to different departments in the company with a heatmap and provides the opportunity to compare them on a single page.

WeFocus provides a pool of advice to Human Resources Management and HR Professionals in survey samples to increase engagement in surveys. It also ensures that they obtain an effective result through its academic consultants.

WeFocus Huawei was developed by Turkish engineers working at Huawei Turkey.

WeFocus does not use machine learning to calculate survey results.

WeFocus only has an employee engagement template. Other types of surveys will be added in the future.

In WeFocus, customized survey templates can be added in 3 steps.

              Add Driver Group-> Add Driver-> Add questions

WeFocus is built to meet the needs of analyzing and measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. At the same time, it aims to save time for Human Resources employees and to create action plans with the survey analysis report. For this reason, unlike survey evaluation programs, it works more effectively and result-oriented by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its distinctive and important features are listed below;

  • Company organizational charts can be integrated into the WeFocus platform.
  • WeFocus provides the opportunity to collect the feedback of the company employees at any time through Social Portal and Announcement modules.
  • Offers an academically proven pool of questions.
  • It enables special analysis by segmenting data according to region, city, department, and person.
  • It allows company employees to add their own questions, allowing each company to create surveys specific to their culture by using the product.

With WeFocus, you can create any survey you want. You can see all kinds of feedback from your employees. You can measure employee satisfaction, make 360-degree evaluations, or send compatibility tests. Whether you are a Human Resources (HR) member or a team leader, employee surveys help you get the answers you need. çalışan anketleri ihtiyacınız olan yanıtları elde etmenize yardımcı olur.

Employee engagement and loyalty are more than job satisfaction. When evaluating employees' engagement, it is important to find out how much the employees are emotionally attached to the company, as well as their goals and missions. Employee engagement feedback surveys help to take proactive action by revealing situations such as problems, criticism, requests, demands. Thus, it tries to eliminate situations such as dissatisfaction and resignation.

The responsiveness of companies to employee feedback helps them achieve higher retention rates, improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale. The fact that the company is conducting a survey can send a positive message to employees that their opinions are valued.


To ensure employee satisfaction, WeFocus Artificial Intelligence has an effective sentiment analysis module that allows managers to interpret the survey results very quickly.

interpretation that a company can only survive by protecting the interests of its employees, as well as the company interests.