Petal Search

What is Petal Search?

Petal Search is a search engine application developed by HUAWEI. In 2019, HUAWEI has announced its AI strategy, called “1 + 8 + N”, to manage everything from a single source.

HUAWEI’s AI Strategy’s explanation for “1 + 8 + N” can be found below.

  • 1, All HUAWEI smartphone series that aim to manage everything from a single source,
  • 8, HUAWEI's core products - computers, tablets, TVs, speakers, smart glasses, smart watches, in-vehicle terminals and headphones-,
  • N, internet of things such as: network-focused mobile offices, smart homes, sports and health products, visual entertainment products and intelligent travel products create an ecosystem
  • The “+” symbol of the ecosystem symbolizes HUAWEI with wide area networks that will integrate all these elements to implement HUAWEI’s strategy including short-range connectivity technologies such as Share and HiLink.

With this strategy, HUAWEI users can enjoy AI-focused smart activities anytime and anywhere. HUAWEI is therefore building a smartphone-centric mobile system to meet users’ needs, with the goal of providing a fully integrated experience to users. Here, Petal Search is the search engine that is developed as an important step of this strategy.

Is Petal Search HUAWEI's New Search Engine?

Yes., Petal Search is HUAWEI's new search engine, and on new HUAWEI devices (currently on P40, P40 Lite and P40 Pro phones) is preinstalled., For previous phone models, Petal Search will be installed with EMUI 10.1 update. When people enable automatic updates in AppGallery, Petal Search will be updated automatically. This allow people to easily search for the apps, videos, music, news, and more they need. In addition to that, Petal Search can be downloaded to Android devices as well. With Petal Search, you can search for the applications, videos, music, news, and more to fully meet your search engine needs.

Is It Possible to Search and Download Apps with Petal Search?

For more information please visit Petal Search official website

Is It Possible to Search and Download Apps with Petal Search?

Yes. It is possible to search and download apps with Petal Search. With the App Search feature, Petal Search helps users to quickly and conveniently find and download apps on all HUAWEI devices. uygulama arama özelliği ile kullanıcıların aradıkları uygulamaları hızlı ve kullanışlı bir şekilde bulmasına ve indirmesine yardımcı olur.

Users can find the latest versions of the apps that have been installed via Petal Search to keep those apps updated. Updates can be found on “Me > Downloads > Updates” section.

Is Petal Search Suitable for Personalized Search?

Yes, Petal Search is suitable for personalized search experience. For example, a user looking for a hospital in Mersin does not want to encounter hospital results of Izmir. To avoid this, Petal Search works to get you to meet with the right content as soon as possible, partnering with the best website and applications in the area it serves. Turkish engineers working at HUAWEI R&D Center in Turkey has also made significant efforts to localize the search results. To explain through our example, the user who calls the nearest hospital in Mersin, and the user who will call a taxi in Ankara, and the user who is looking for a romantic restaurant in Istanbul for her anniversary will encounter the most appropriate results.

How to Search for News in Petal Search?

After searching for a query in Petal Search, users can find news channel search results to see relevant news about the query. Users can scroll through the results to reach out more news from various sources.

Users can also sort out the latest news from popular news sources by clicking on the "News" icon on “For you” page and filter the results based on their desired sources.

Once they open the app, users can follow the latest news sources based on their preferences. For example, users can dislike a source to prevent it from showing up again.

Is Petal Search Only Compatible with HUAWEI Devices?

No, Petal Search is compatible with all Android devices. The Petal Search can be downloadedable via AppGallery, and can be installed on all Android operating system devices. Click here to download AppGallery for Android devices and then search for Petal Search.

Does Petal Search Co-operate with Yandex and Qwant?

Petal Search, provides different search technologies in different countries and regions. As part of these technologies, Petal Search cooperates with France-based internet search engine Qwant and Russia’s most popular search engine Yandex.

The workflow in countries/regions where Petal Search cooperates with QWANT is as follows:

The workflow of Petal Search - Yandex cooperation is as follows:

The workflow in Turkey and other countries/regions where Petal Search business service is available is as follows:

Users can search for upcoming flights to the desired locations on Petal Search. Search results can be sorted by price, take-off/landing time, and estimated flight longevity. Similarly, users can specify certain criteria based on price, time and date, airlines, airports, transfer options, class of flight, and number of passengers, to filter out results.

Yes users can search for hotel options that suits their preferences best on Petal Search. Users can pick the location, check-in/check-out dates, and number of guests to see available hotels for booking. Results can be filtered by price per night, ratings, and facilities. Furthermore, users can easily see the location of the listed hotels’ location on map. To book a room, users can click on the desired result to view booking options in detail. This way, Petal Search can assist users to visit the relevant web site to complete booking process easily and effectively. 

Users who do not want to keep search records can switch to ‘Incognito mode’ in Petal Search. When activated, Petal Search incognito mode keeps user identity anonymous and does not keep search records. Users can click on Me > Incognito mode to turn on this mode.

With Petal Search, you can access music listening sites and applications, and reach the artist and song you want with a search.

With Petal Search, you can access TV series and movie streaming sites and applications, and reach the content you want with a search.

Yes, with Petal Search users can find nearby restaurants and cafes. The search engine can meet your daily needs with a wide variety of local services. For example, if you're looking for places to hang out with your friends, Petal Search can show you a list of nearby restaurants, user feedbacks and suggestions, points, menus and many more important details. In this way, you can easily find and reach out the business you are looking for, whether it is a romantic restaurant for your anniversary, a cozy café where you can hang out with your friends, or a place where you can try out different cocktails.

We are working on the ability to order, which is an indispensable part of restaurant-cafes, and very soon you will be able to order your home's food supplies and desired food via Petal Search!

Autocomplete is a template for displaying query suggestions. As you type your search, the search engine suggests a few guesses about how your query might be completed. Petal Search has autocomplete system.

Related searches are automatically generated according to an algorithm to determine the terms related to the query you entered into the search engine. In Petal Search, you can see related searches at the bottom of the results page. It can be used to find out what is relevant to a particular topic you want to get information about, and to get more detailed information.

How Do I Check the Weather with Petal Search?

Users can easily access weather forecasts on Petal Search by searching for the weather on search bar or clicking on “Weather” icon in “For you” page. Weather forecast results are shown based on search location and can be viewed either in daily or hourly forms. In addition to temperature that can be viewed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, Petal Search weather forecast technology also provides humidity, wind, pressure and apparent temperature information. Users can find even more about weather forecast by clicking on the result box.

Does Petal Search Support Visual Search?

Yes, Petal Search supports visual search. To perform a visual search users can click on the camera icon located on the search bar. To proceed, users can either pick an image from their library or take a new photo with the camera. Afterwards, Petal Search will immediately work on the visual data to show the most relevant image results.

Next time you're trying to identify a plant, or you like your friend's purse and think about where to get it, take your phone out and take a picture, Petal Search will find it in seconds!

Does Petal Search Have Machine Learning Systems?

Yes, Petal Search have innovative machine learning systems. In fact, the most innovative feature that separates Petal Search from its competitors is that it has been developed entirely on artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

What Are Petal Search Comments?

Comments on Petal Search are as follows.

  • The HUAWEI Petal Search developed by HUAWEI, offers users the opportunity to experience a unique experience by changing the usual search engine perception in mind. Anadolu Ajansı
  • While it was an application for downloading APKs of popular applications not included in HUAWEI's AppGallery, it now turns into a search engine where you can perform many searches. Donanım Haber
  • Equipped with localized search, Petal Search pulls results on localized queries, providing additional services such as forecast weather and translation to meet users' daily needs. Teknoblog

Is Petal Search the Default Search Engine for HUAWEI Phones?

Petal Search is a pre-installed system application that cannot be removed for Huawei devices with EMUI 10.1 or later versions and is the default search engine. This allows users to search for applications, videos, music, news, and more whenever they wish via Petal Search.

What is Petal Search and HUAWEI Turkey R&D Center Association?

Yerelleştirme ve kişiselleştirme faaliyetlerine büyük önem veren Petal Search projesinin kayda değer bir kısmı HUAWEI Türkiye Ar-Ge Merkezi’nde Türk mühendisler tarafından geliştirilip ekosisteme kazandırılmıştır. Günümüzde de birçok partnerlik ve geliştirmeler HUAWEI Türkiye Ar-Ge Merkezi’nde hayata geçiriliyor.

HUAWEI Mobile Service (HMS) Petal Search'ü Ne Kadar Sürede Geliştirdi?

Bir yıldan uzun süredir geliştirdikten sonra HUAWEI Search adıyla sistemin genel testleri Şubat 2020’de başladı, Petal Search olarak HUAWEI’nin çevrimiçi mağazası AppGallery’de ise bundan birkaç ay sonra yayınlandı.

Petal Search Yapımında Türk Mühendisler Çalıştı Mı?

A significant part of the Petal Search project, which places great emphasis on localization activities, was developed and eco-set by Turkish engineers at the HUAWEI Turkey R&D Center. Today, many partnerships and developments are being implemented at the HUAWEI Turkey R&D Center.

Does Petal Search Collect Users’ Personal Data?

Petal Search is registered as an independent search engine in the European Union. Petal Search, approved by the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance, does not monitor users' personal data and does not use it in any analysis. To provide maximum amount of security, user data is stored in the user's own region.

Similar to other search engine service providers that fully comply with relevant data protection regulations, Petal Search protects user confidentiality and personal data based on European legal entity regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). You can view the details about personal data protection in Petal Search from “Me > About > Petal Search User Agreement & ” Statement About Petal Search and Privacy” section.

Is Petal Search Safe?

One of the most important values ​​of HUAWEI and Petal Search is data security. HUAWEI uses advanced security technologies and measures to continuously detect security threats and risks to provide a safer experience for its users.

How Does Petal Search Perform Security Checks?

Petal Search takes the confidentiality of your data as its primary concern. HUAWEI uses advanced security technologies and precautions to ensure maximum security of all affiliated devices and apps to continuously prevent security threats and risks.

How to Download Petal Search?

The devices that can use Petal Search developed by HUAWEI are not only limited to HUAWEI devices, you can easily download and start using Petal Search on other Android devices as well.

Petal Search can be downloaded from HUAWEI’s AppGallery. If AppGallery is installed on your device, you can download “Petal Search – Applications and More”. If it is not installed, you can visit this page to download AppGallery. Petal Search official website